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Located on West Glendale Ave in Glendale, Arizona, our fourth campus, formerly known as CrossPoint Christian Church, is on 30 acres and has been adopted as Central Christian Church since early 2011.

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Glendale Campus Easter Offering

"Imagine the revolution if every Christian came to church wanting to bless someone and then left the church wanting to bless the world." – Eugene Cho

Our offering this year will target three projects that were beyond the scope of our regular budget this year, but are crucial to our campus.

  • Initially, we need to re-pave our parking lot. It is a large project, as it has not been touched since it was originally paved, but one that we know will make our campus sparkle as well as prevent us from having to address much larger issues and costs in the near future.
  • Secondarily, we hope to complete the installment of our sound system, as the current configuration makes it difficult for our sound technicians to equalize our room.
  • Beyond that, our desire is to put the finishing touches on our lobby, after last Easter’s offering allowed us to address the tinting on the windows and painting the walls.

There is an excitement in Glendale as we begin to catch the vision of blessing those who are disconnected from their Creator and our generosity continues to grow to match that vision!

Welcome to the Central Glendale Campus

We are honored that you may be joining us for one of our worship services. We want to do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and welcome. You may be new to the church scene and have lots of questions. Your questions are welcome here. We have all had questions at times. You may be new to the area, or looking for a new church; we would love to be your church family. We would love to assist you in your relationship with God. Central is a place where you can serve, grow, or get your questions answered.

I hope you will find Central to be friendly, fun, and passionate about God. You will find us to be real people with real problems who are seeking real answers. We don’t claim to be perfect or to have everything in our life figured out. We do believe the best place for us to start when trying to make sense of life is by discovering who God is and by developing a personal relationship with Him.


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