CLI — Global Peacemaking Trip

At Central Christian Church we believe in helping people find deeper connections to their faith and the world at large. Through our Global Connection trips we provide opportunities for individuals to better understand God’s heart for the nations and our role as followers of Jesus to disciple others. We also desire that individuals grow in their personal faith and take steps to not just follow Jesus in word, but also in action.

For this reason, we offer trips to North Africa, one of the most unreached places in the world for the gospel, along with trips to Israel Palestine. A cultural immersion experience in North Africa opens doors to people groups that need to know the love of Christ and exposure to our workers who are sharing this love on a daily basis. A visit to Israel Palestine allows you to walk where Jesus walked and have your Bible lessons come to life. Additionally, you will see the realities of today and learn what it means to be an everyday peacemaker.


Walk and talk with unreached peoples and see them through the eyes of Christ, share a meal with a Muslim family in their home, ask questions about life as a Muslim in Egypt and respond to questions about your life as a Christ follower in the US.


Experience the realities of the Israeli — Palestinian conflict from both perspectives and hear stories from courageous, creative peacemakers in this conflicted region.


Walk where Jesus walked, step into the Sea of Galilee, read the Sermon on the Mount where it was delivered and spend time in places relevant to Jesus’ ministry.

As part of your residency, you will have the opportunity to participate on a trip to both destinations and experience the power of cultural, social and scriptural immersion to transform lives.