Children's Expeditions | Core Values

Safety and Security

We believe that safety and security is of the highest importance. Through our Servant Minister screening process, the child check-in/check-out system, and our safety protocols, among other things, we do everything in our power to make sure our environments are safe and secure.

Biblical Teaching

We believe that the Bible is God’s guidebook for us. Each time we gather, we open it up for guidance and direction. NOTE: We use the NIV or NIrV as our standard version.


We believe that a relationship with God is supposed to be exciting and fun…an adventure. We work tirelessly to make every time we gather an expedition. Through fun games, interactive lessons and high-energy worship times, we want every child to experience the adventure of God.


We believe ministry is meant to be done in relationships. We make every effort to promote relationships with parents, children and Servant Ministers.


Partnering with parents is a vital part of our ministries. We accomplish this by providing environments that enable parents to grow spiritually, unencumbered, while their child(ren) learn age-appropriate lessons about Jesus. This is also why, among other things, our weekend curriculum is the same for 3 year-olds through grade 6. The Bible story and core concept (BIG Idea) is the same to enable family discussion and dialogue around what was taught and learned each weekend.