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What is Adopt-a-Family?
Adopt-a-Family is a Central Christmas outreach program where you can partner with a family in need and adopt them for Christmas. We match you with a family and ask that you buy toys and clothing for the children ($50 per child) from their Christmas wish list, and two $25 gift cards for the parents/guardians.

How does Central find the families?
We work with school nurses and social workers at local schools to partner with families who need help for Christmas.
In addition, we work with group homes to provide presents to families in need. Once they choose to participate, they are matched with a Central family for adoption.

How do I get involved?
Sign-up to adopt a family as an individual, with your family, friends, neighbors or as a life group. You will then receive an email with your family information. Review the wish list to familiarize yourself with the family and their requested gifts. Contact the family and introduce yourself. Shop for the gifts and connect with the family to set up a time for delivery on or before December 20. Then deliver the gifts to the family and invite them into a conversation. Consider asking them to join you for a Christmas activity or offer to bring a meal to share when you deliver the gifts.

How much am I expected to spend?
The suggested spending amount is $50 per child and two $25 gift cards for the parents, regardless if there are two parents or a single parent. You don’t have to buy everything off the wish list, but use it to get ideas. Do try to get at least one of their requested gifts, and we recommend purchasing both toys and clothing. Please pray and see what God does – He may bring other people or resources in that allow you to bless the family beyond this.

When do gifts need to be delivered?
Gifts should be delivered on or before Thursday, December 20, 2018.

How do I register to adopt a family?
Click the Adopt-a-Family link at the top of the page.

What if some of the children in the family that I adopt want a gift card instead of an actual toy or gift item?
Many older children will request a gift card because they are saving up for an expensive item or just want to be able to pick out exactly what they want. It is fine to provide them a gift card to a store of their choosing, but it is also a great topic of discussion when you call your family. They might have an item they want now that it’s closer to Christmas.

I click to register and it tells me that I’ve already registered.

The computer system only allows each person to register once. If you’re trying to adopt a second family, email your Adopt-a-Family campus team and they will assist you:



Queen Creek:



What is the difference between the tree tags and Adopt-a-Family?
The tree tags are gifts used to adopt families who aren’t matched with a Central family. The tree tags provide gifts and finances to support the program.

What should I be conscious of when delivering gifts?
· Take a friend or family member with you to deliver gifts.
· Beware of giving financial help for utilities, rent etc. Please refer the family to Central’s benevolence ministry if they need to request further assistance. You can also share the Resource Guide with them.
· Should the family live in a nice house or have a fancy car, please realize that poverty doesn’t always look how we think it should. Many people live just like us, but may have become unemployed or ill and unable to provide Christmas for their children this year.