Women's Bible Studies

Bible Studies and Book Clubs_1.jpgCentral Women is invested in helping women passionately pursue Jesus. Through regular time reading scripture, applying it to one’s life, and having community to walk with you on your journey, we offer a wide variety of Bible study classes and book clubs, at different times and locations.

Spring studies begin in January. Registration opens November 15. 

Bible Studies

Central Women Bible Studies will take you deeper in your walk with Jesus as you journey through books of the Bible, or series and topics throughout the Bible. Different options are offered each semester, on or off campus and taught by Central Women Ministry Leaders. We can think of no better way to study the character of God than by being in His Word together!

Book Clubs

With timely topics concerning our world today, Central Women Book Clubs are designed to take you deeper into the issues that matter to you. Get curious as we learn about social injustices happening around us, tackle family, work and leadership challenges, and discover storytellers with incredible and powerful stories to tell. These book clubs offer a safe place to learn and wrestle with challenging topics while at the same time learning about Jesus, His mercy and grace, and how we can strive to be more like Him. 

Book Clubs are held off campus, at a location, date and time of the host’s choosing. Please consider the topic and meeting that works best for you. Participants are required to purchase their own book.