Interested in being a part of a community of people who are seeking to live out their faith in real and tangible ways? The reality is in this culture it’s easy to be self-focused and not people focused. It’s easy to become information driven and not transformation driven. It’s easy to do and love what’s comfortable and not love beyond. But God hasn’t called us to easy, He’s called us to be people focused, transformation driven and to love beyond. And that’s what a Community Group’s for! To lead you to be a community of people making a difference in your community.

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In a Community Group you’ll maintain the rhythms learned in Rooted, learn about the needs in your community and the world around you, discover tools to better live out your faith and develop a mission statement as a group to help your group make a real impact in the community around you.

Interested in joining a Community Group? If you haven’t already we’d highly encourage you to experience Rooted first! You can find more information on Rooted . Already experienced Rooted? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch or take a look at Community Groups that are meeting near you on the interactive map!

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