Each of our campuses has services at 9am and 10:30am on Sunday. You can find all the service times at www.CentralAZ.com/servicetimes.

A simple invite can go a long way. As we desire to lead people to discover and fully own their faith in Jesus, we realize God chooses to work through us as His hands and feet in bringing people to His Kingdom. But how can we invest in people if we don't even know them or talk to them? That's why we have decided to equip you with the tools to have some fun this fall in getting to know your neighbors.

Take a look at the steps listed across the screen for how to set up this party. If you have any questions, you can email Marketing@CentralAZ.com. Thanks for partnering with us! Happy carving! Be sure to post photos of your party on social media with #GlowAZ.

Click here for some carving stencils

Step 1:

Set a date to host a pumpkin carving party at your house between Oct. 8-24!

Step 2:

Invite neighbors to join!

Step 3:

Get your pumpkins at Central the weekend of
Oct. 8-9 after each of the weekend services.

Step 4:

Host your party and post pictures with #GlowAZ on social media!