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Christin Frank's Story- "I saw the lack of diversity in my own life." 

A49A4170.jpg“It was a moment of me taking a look around and seeing who was in my circle, and I saw the lack of diversity I had in my own life.” – Christin Frank

She stopped and looked around and realized that everything she saw, all of the people that she interacted with look just like her. The sense of comfortability that surrounded her became the matter that was disturbing her the utmost. At the beginning of January 2017, Christin had received an email from Central Christian Church asking anyone to submit any artwork that resembled peace. At this time, Central was beginning to embark on its new Peace Conference. Christin immediately had a vision of different women gathered around a table and sharing a meal. These women were of all race, all different backgrounds and all different religions sharing their stories of adversity and having real life conversation. The only problem that plagued her was the lack of diversity in her own life.

The thought behind the table was for each women of a different culture to bring an appetizer to share with the group and then Christin would photograph it. She immediately contacted a close friend who had a heart for diversity to help her put it all together. As she was preparing for the table so many questions entered in her mind. Will this work? Will this have a great outcome? The day was finally there and as they all gathered at the table, one women’s bravery to open up and share her journey changed the dynamic of the table. Then it caught on like a wild fire and each woman began opening up about their lives and struggles. Soon Christin looked around and saw a table full of uniquely different women sharing their heart. What a glimpse of peace. This was a moment that she will never forget. Christin received a chance to be a part of the solution.

The photos that Christin took captured the essence of peace making. It captured Central’s heart on bridging the gap between those of different races and backgrounds. The picture grabbed the attention of a Lisa Jernigan who was getting ready to leave for Israel in a week. Lisa invited Christin to join her and a few other ladies on a journey to the “holy land” to see what peace could be. To hear the stories of others who are not like them, to get out of their comfort zone and to be a part of a culture that is not like theirs. “I just wanted to listen to women, listen to their story. To learn from a place on how to be peaceful with other women who were different than me. To love others better”. The peace table prepared her for an unexpected trip that she didn’t think she was ready for but because of her simple yes it changed her life. “I see the invisible more than I ever have before. I have a heart for people to feel welcome and for people not to feel judged. That’s who Jesus is to us and I want to be that for other people who may have felt excluded”.

Now, more than ever Christin is implementing peacemaking in her life with those who are closest to her. Her husband and two daughters have now gravitated to having hard conversations and started to notice other people who would normally never get noticed. Even her children have started asking more questions and have recognized different people who may not look like them. Understanding they are beautiful people that God has created.

With peacemaking in her heart Christin is on a new journey called Amplify Peace. Amplify Peace is a movement of women leveraging their voices to create change in the world. This movement is about starting with a simple yes. A yes to the uncomfortable, a yes to the unknown a yes to peace making.

For more information go to www.amplifypeace.com

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