Made For More

What is it?

The Simple phrase "Made for More" is something you may notice plastered on shirts, coffee mugs, and event signs around Central. These three words have become part of the fiber of culture in our community as they are a simple reminder of our belief in Christ's calling to lead a life of serving others. Depending on which of our communities you are involved in there are community-based "Made for More" events in which we gather to exercise our ability to bless and love our immediate communities. Check out your campus page under "Locations & Times" in the menu at the top of the page to see when the next Made for More event is happening near you!


Where did it come from?

Central has a history of studying books together as a church and spending multiple weekends in a row talking about one idea. "Made for More" came out of one of these series and it just stuck with our people and in our culture, it has developed as an idea that defines us as a community. 


We strive to serve our community and show Christ to people because we know we were Made for More!