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OCTOBER 17, 2020

Life today feels like a battle, with unforeseen challenges and unprecedented obstacles attacking us from all sides. As men, how do we fight in today’s modern realities? Join us for MC 2020: Modern Warfare – a gathering of men being challenged to engage in a battle that is much different than the battles of the past. It is a new kind of warfare that demands a new kind of warrior, one that isn’t defined by what he wears, but what lies underneath.

This year’s Challenge brings a fresh and inspiring opportunity to the Men of Central! Pastor Steve Carter, who lead over 750 men in boldly shouting “Rak Chazak” (Strong & Courageous) last year at our Men’s Conference, is back for two sessions, diving deep into the obstacles that so often take out men in the battle of life and faith, and brings a word of encouragement in how to rally each other to battle together for a greater purpose! This event promises to be filled with fun, laughter, challenge, connection, food and so much more!

Join us Saturday, October 17 from 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM for this amazing event. Do you have questions or need more information? Please see our FAQ's below or email to learn more.