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The quality of a sport season is dependent on the quality of it's coaches. We have a team of people committed to pouring into our Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Referees to help them with any aspect of the season they need help with. You will not be alone!

The Children's Sports Leadership Team is committed to making all Central Sports all they can be. We provide coaches with practice gear, a playbook with valuable tools and information, devotional materials, and mentor support. Coach and Referee clinics are also held at the on-set of each sport.

We are looking for good:

Head Coaches - are responsible for managing their team's practice, game, communication, playing time, team dynamics, and sportsmanship of both players and parents, etc...

Assistant Coaches - will help Head Coach at practices, fill in for the Head Coach should he / she need a sub for a practice or game, and handle administrative duties where needed.

Referees - are responsible for keeping the game moving, keep the players safe, call the game based on rules provided, and ensure good sportsmanship among coaches, players, and spectators.

Our Sports Season

  • Fall Soccer: September - November, Practice starts Sept
  • Winter Soccer: January - March, Practice starts Jan
  • Soccer Tournament in March
  • Basketball: March - May, Practice starts March
  • Basketball Tournament in May

If you would like the opportunity to coach in one of our sports programs, we ask that you sign up to serve as a coach, which will walk you through the full process.

If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact

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