We want to share in your happiness as you formulate your wedding plans and begin the wonderful adventure of marriage. We are anxious to serve you and desire that you experience the joy and intimacy God designed for marriage. Couples should plan for a minimum 4-6 months preparation time for a wedding at Central. This will allow couples to complete the wedding preparation materials, meet our premarital requirements, and carefully plan the wedding with one of our coordinators. This page can answer many of your questions about our wedding venues, availability, pricing, pastors, and necessary steps.

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

Couples desiring a Central wedding will meet with their Campus Pastor for a consultation. A Central Wedding is one held either at Central and/or by a Central pastor. At this appointment, we will go over Central's marriage policy and requirements. Contact the church office at your desired campus to schedule an appointment.

Step 2: The Wedding Request Form

Once couples are in compliance with Central's Marriage Policy and have had their initial consultation, they will need to submit their Wedding Request Form. This form gives couples the opportunity to request their campus, location, preferred pastor, as well as preferred dates and times for the ceremony

The Wedding Request Form

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the form to be processed.

Step 3: Premarital Program

The purpose of the premarital program is to help couples develop the relational skills and personal commitment necessary to enjoy the lifelong union of a Christ-centered marriage. Click here  to visit our premarital page for more information.

Step 4: Planning Your Ceremony

Once your wedding date is confirmed, couples will need to contact the pastor of their choice to ask for their service on their day. Couples will be contacted by their assigned wedding coordinator. She will help you in making decisions in reference to our facilities, available furnishings, musical selections, decorations, and the order of your ceremony. The wedding coordinator will also be your go-to person at your rehearsal and on the day of your wedding.

Ceremony Pricing

Mesa campus 

  • Chapel $600
  • Courtyard $800

Gilbert campus

  • Courtyard $800
  • Student Center$800

Initial deposit of 50% is due within 2 weeks of receipt of the confirmation letter. Final Payment must be made 3 weeks prior to wedding date.


Weddings may be booked for any day of the week provided the venue is available. Please note we are unable to offer weddings during our weekend service times, specifically Saturday evenings. For Saturdays, we offer late morning or early afternoon. Our most flexible day for weddings is Friday.

Chapel Tours

Our Mesa campus offers a beautiful chapel, recently remodeled in January 2012. Everything is new and updated, floor to ceiling, including state of the art audio visual equipment. This modern venue offers seating for up to 200 of your guests. To consider the chapel for your ceremony, schedule a tour by contacting Mesa campus @ 480.924.4946.

Pastor for Off-campus Weddings

Our pastors occasionally perform off campus weddings provided the bride and groom are in compliance with Central's marriage policy, including completion of our premarital program. If you desire a specific pastor, please communicate that to the pastor during your consultation appointment.


Central does not offer a reception site after a wedding. Arrangements for both a rehearsal dinner and reception will need to be off campus.

For questions or more information about weddings, call your campus.