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Our first two weeks have truly challenged us. Are you poor in spirit? Do you mourn over your sin? I’d like to argue that if you aren’t able to identify what poor in spirit means for you, and if you aren’t mourning over your sin, then it will be very challenging to be meek. Which is what we are diving into this week.

Memory Verse: “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5.

Read: The world has much to teach us. I’m not sure many would argue with that. What our challenge, for those who are walking with Jesus, is… are we accepting what the world is teaching?
My prayer as I walk through this life is that I would not accept what the world has to offer. My prayer for you is that you wouldn’t either. It’s time friends, to be poor in spirit so that we may be completely dependent on God. It’s time to mourn our sin. We all sin. There is no question about that. As Cherie reminded us last week it’s time to “Bring your mess to His feet. Mourn it, Repent of it. Leave it there.”

Now, it’s time to be meek.

This week, we’ll talk about what the world teaches us about being meek and what the Bible says about it. As you can probably imagine, these are two very different definitions.
Biblical meekness is actually power. It’s recognizing the power you have with your words, your actions and your thoughts. Rather than dishing out opinions, harsh words, or payback, you choose to be meek. It’s stepping aside, remaining quiet, or loving your neighbor when it’s hard. It’s choosing to give grace when you’ve been wronged.

Quite frankly, it’s responding exactly the opposite of how the rest of the world expects you to respond.

Additionally, there are only two men in the Bible who have ever been called meek. No pressure ladies! But through our study this week, I hope you’ll see the example has been set before us, and we too, can choose to be meek.

Questions for the week:

  1. What is your gut reaction when you think about being meek?
  2. Can you truly be meek if you don’t rely fully on God and mourn over your sin?
  3. What area in your life do you see the opportunity to demonstrate meekness? What are a few things you can do before reacting to help you choose to respond meekly?


Father in Heaven, we come to you today with so much going on. Good stuff, really hard stuff, and some just plain ‘ole boring stuff. Help us to set all the things the world presses on us aside for a few moments while we dive into Your Word, Your character, and Your grace.

Lord help each one of us take off the burdens, labels, and expectations of the world and rather, carry love, grace, acceptance, vulnerability and humility.
We love you, Lord, be with us this week as we learn about biblical meekness, and how, through Your grace, the meek may inherit the earth.
In your Son Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Further Reading:

  1. Luke 18:9-14: In week one, Jenniemarie shared this story. This week, we invite you to dive into it again, this time looking at the passage through a filter of meekness.
  2. Numbers 11: in light of the message this weekend on "sweat," remember, it's okay to tell God you are not okay. Check out how Moses responded meekly to the challenges he faced.
  3. 2 Timothy 2:22-26