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Cal Jernigan Picture
Cal Jernigan
Lead Pastor
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Joe Platania Picture
Joe Platania
Executive Pastor of Human Resources, Staff Development & CLI
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Paul Carpenter Picture
Paul Carpenter
Executive Pastor of Creative Arts, Family, Young Adults & Wholistic Impact
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Becky Thompson Picture
Becky Thompson
Executive Pastor of Marketing, Central Women, Operations, Campus Team & Groups
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Michele Anderson Picture
Michele Anderson
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Eric Ehmann Picture
Eric Ehmann
Lead Campus Pastor
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Jon Moton Picture
Jon Moton
Gilbert Campus Pastor
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DAVID Heyward Picture
DJ Heyward
Glendale Campus Pastor
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Clayton Eddleman Picture
Clayton Eddleman
Mesa Campus Pastor
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Gil Nisleit Picture
Gil Nisleit
Queen Creek Campus Pastor
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Katherine Nazari Picture
Kate Nazari
Tempe Campus Pastor
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David Briggs Picture
Dave Briggs
Enrich Director
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Sonia Kuppinger Picture
Sonia Kuppinger
Director of IT
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Julie Bean Picture
Julie Bean
Communications Director
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Rachel Dotzler Picture
Rachel Dotzler
Lead Student Pastor
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Alaina Zies Picture
Alaina Zies
Lead Kids Pastor
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Jordan Rowan Picture
Jordan Rowan
Creative Arts Pastor
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Joe DiMercurio Picture
Joe DiMercurio
Production and Media Director
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Dakota McGrath Picture
Dakota McGrath
Lead Worship Pastor
Contact Dakota

Allison Mangrum Picture
Allison Mangrum
Programming Pastor
Contact Allison

Zach Davies Picture
Zach Davies
Lead Groups Pastor
Contact Zach

Lisa Jernigan Picture
Lisa Jernigan
Wholistic Impact Director
Contact Lisa

Cassandra Moton Picture
Cassandra Moton
Kids Programming Pastor
Contact Cassandra

Wynanda Swanson Picture
Wynanda Swanson
Gilbert Early Childhood Pastor
Contact Wynanda

Natalie Fotiades Picture
Natalie Fotiades
Gilbert Kids Pastor
Contact Natalie

Leisl Pace Picture
Leisl Pace
Glendale Kids Pastor & Associate Campus Pastor
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Kim Ferguson Picture
Kim Ferguson
Mesa Kids Pastor
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Ashley Karzon Picture
Ashley Karzon
Queen Creek Kids Pastor
Contact Ashley

Brittney Bohannon Picture
Brittney Bohannon
Queen Creek Early Childhood Pastor
Contact Brittney

Joshua Burnett Picture
Josh Burnett
Tempe Kids Pastor & Associate Campus Pastor
Contact Josh

Whitney Miraglia Picture
Whitney Miraglia
Event Childcare Supervisor
Contact Whitney

Tara Slack Picture
Tara Slack
Kids Assistant
Contact Tara

Justin Fink Picture
Justin Fink
Student Experience Pastor
Contact Justin

Devyn Hagar Picture
Devyn Hagar
Student Worship Pastor
Contact Devyn

Gabe Moulier Picture
Gabe Moulier
Gilbert Student Pastor
Contact Gabe

Dwight Crocker Picture
Dwight Crocker
Glendale Student Pastor & Associate Campus Pastor
Contact Dwight

Coleman Hagar Picture
Coleman Hagar
Mesa Student Pastor
Contact Coleman

Emma Pavlovic Picture
Emma Pavlovic
Mesa Students Volunteer Staff
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Eric Dehn Picture
Eric Dehn
Queen Creek Student Pastor
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Jeffrey Waehner Picture
Jeff Waehner
Tempe Student Pastor & Associate Campus Pastor
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Kyle Blundell Picture
Kyle Blundell
Young Adults Pastor
Contact Kyle

Bertha Zerbinos Picture
Bertha Zerbinos
Student Ministry Assistant
Contact Bertha

Elisabeth Platania Picture
Ellie Platania
CLI Resident- Students
Contact Ellie

Ruth Mitchell Picture
Ruth Mitchell
Gilbert Associate Campus Pastor- Groups
Contact Ruth

Terra Jones Picture
Terra Jones
Gilbert Associate Campus Pastor & Experience Champion
Contact Terra

Jennifer Wolke Picture
Jen Wolke
Gilbert Campus Assistant
Contact Jen

Gavin Woods Picture
Gavin Woods
Campus Team Support, Strategy and Planning
Contact Gavin

Robert Kuest Picture
Bob Kuest
Glendale Campus Men's Coordinator
Contact Bob

Michael Fleming Picture
Mike Fleming
Prayer Coordinator
Contact Mike

Ken Nahrwold Picture
Ken Nahrwold
Mesa Associate Campus Pastor
Contact Ken

Cynthia Padilla Picture
Cindy Padilla
Local Outreach Coordinator
Contact Cindy

Pamela Webber Picture
Pam Webber
Mesa Campus & Tempe Campus Assistant
Contact Pam

Jessica Hernandez Picture
Jessica Hernandez
Queen Creek Associate Campus Pastor
Contact Jessica

Arlene Beas Picture
Arlene Beas
Queen Creek Campus Assistant
Contact Arlene

Keri Kloepping Picture
Keri Kloepping
Funeral & Visitation Coordinator
Contact Keri

Janet Bushell Picture
JP Bushell
Involvement Coordinator
Contact JP

Jenniemarie Cisneros Picture
Jenniemarie Cisneros
Central Women Director
Contact Jenniemarie

Melissa Folliott Picture
Melissa Folliott
Central Women Assistant
Contact Melissa

Jennifer Tarpley Picture
Jen Tarpley
Lead Moms Coordinator
Contact Jen

Ronnie Petkovich Picture
Ronnie Petkovich
Associate Worship Pastor
Contact Ronnie

Shanice Benson Picture
Shanice Benson
Associate Worship Pastor
Contact Shanice

Noah Karzon Picture
Noah Karzon
Associate Worship Pastor
Contact Noah

Emily McDonald Picture
Emily McDonald
Associate Student Worship Pastor
Contact Emily

Russell Busse Picture
Rusty Busse
Music Director
Contact Rusty

Kierstan Kleinholz Picture
Kierstan Kleinholz
Worship Coordinator
Contact Kierstan

Brenna Faul Picture
Brenna Faul
CLI Resident- Worship
Contact Brenna

Daniel Lies Picture
Daniel Lies
Media Team Lead
Contact Daniel

Cooper Burns Picture
Cooper Burns
Filmmaker; Broadcast Director
Contact Cooper

Joel Ostrem Picture
Joel Ostrem
Filmmaker & Graphic Designer
Contact Joel

Peter Crumb Picture
Peter Crumb
Graphic Designer
Contact Peter

Joey Platania Picture
Joey Platania
Production Team Lead
Contact Joey

Zachary Clark Picture
Zach Clark
Lighting Engineer
Contact Zach

Kevin Rees Picture
Kevin Rees
Audio Engineer
Contact Kevin

Doug Kalinski Picture
Doug Kalinski
Systems Engineer & Project Manager
Contact Doug

Cassandra Kalinski Picture
Cassie Kalinski
Production Assistant
Contact Cassie

Andrew Carson Picture
Andrew Carson
Tempe Campus Producer
Contact Andrew

Bradley Peterson Picture
Brad Peterson
Queen Creek Campus Co-Producer
Contact Brad

Trevor Medlock Picture
Trevor Medlock
Glendale Campus Producer
Contact Trevor

Korey Eiche Picture
Korey Eiche
Mesa Campus Co-Producer
Contact Korey

Margherita Mazzurco Picture
Rita Mazzurco
Gilbert Campus Producer
Contact Rita

Kara Piazza Picture
Kara Piazza
Queen Creek Campus Co-Producer
Contact Kara

Kaylin Bennett Picture
Kaylin Bennett
Executive Assistant
Contact Kaylin

Laura Dols Picture
Laura Dols
Executive Assistant
Contact Laura

Debbie Barnes Picture
Debbie Barnes
Executive Assistant
Contact Debbie

Michelle Lippitt Picture
Michelle Lippitt
Executive Assistant
Contact Michelle

Abrianna Husband Picture
Breezy Husband
HR Coordinator
Contact Breezy

Teresa Filesi-Grant Picture
Terrie Filesi-Grant
ACTS Coordinator
Contact Terrie

Zoƫ Chaira Picture
Zoe Chaira
Associate Director of Wholistic Impact
Contact Zoe

Stephen Allen Picture
Steve Allen
Wholistic Impact Assistant
Contact Steve

Justice Myers Picture
Justice Myers
CLI Resident- Wholistic Impact
Contact Justice

Angie Kahler Picture
Angie Kahler
Program Coordinator
Contact Angie

Renee Bennett Picture
Renee Bennett
Associate Director of Marketing
Contact Renee

Emily Moffatt Picture
Em Moffatt
Marketing Coordinator
Contact Em

Ariana Rodriguez Picture
Ari Rodriguez
CLI Resident- Marketing
Contact Ari

Janette Knippers Picture
Janette Knippers
Contact Janette

Sylvia Greason Picture
Sylvia Greason
Contact Sylvia

Nicole Tarango Picture
Nicole Tarango
Contact Nicole

David Gonzalez Picture
David Gonzalez
Contact David

Leanne Rees Picture
Leanne Rees
Contact Leanne

Derek Mangrum Picture
Derek Mangrum
Network Engineer
Contact Derek

Jonathan Schilling Picture
Jon Schilling
Systems Analyst
Contact Jon

Eduardo Caldera Picture
Eddy Caldera
IT Safety and Security Support Tech
Contact Eddy

Willie Stearns Picture
Will Stearns
Lead Facilities and Maintenance Manager
Contact Will

Dennis Taylor Picture
Dennis Taylor
Gilbert Campus Operations Manager
Contact Dennis

Kenneth Jones Picture
KC Jones
Gilbert Campus Operations Tech
Contact KC

Amos Miller Picture
Amos Miller
Gilbert Campus Operations Tech
Contact Amos

Kaiden Cisneros Picture
Kaiden Cisneros
Glendale Campus Operations Tech
Contact Kaiden

Brandon Eells Picture
Brandon Eells
Mesa Campus Lead Operations Tech
Contact Brandon

Porfirio Caldera Picture
Porfirio Caldera
Mesa Campus Operations Tech
Contact Porfirio

Logan Thompson Picture
Logan Thompson
Mesa Campus Operations Tech
Contact Logan

Javier Rojas Picture
Javier Rojas
Queen Creek Campus Operations Tech
Contact Javier

Michael Kuppinger Picture
Michael Kuppinger
Contact Michael

Steve Sanders Picture
Steve Sanders
Contact Steve