Checkin & Security

Upon Arrival

Upon arriving at Central, please proceed to the Children's Ministries Headquarters. There you will be greeted by our First Impressions team, receive the important information you may need and have the check-in process explained to you. After your first visit, you will be able to electronically check in your children into their individual rooms. Secured check-in tickets will print out in the appropriate rooms. Our three-piece ticket system prints a name label, claim ticket, and signature ticket with matching numbers designed to ensure your child's safe return to you. 

Everyone who serves within Children's goes through an extensive application and background check process. We want to make sure every child is safe in our care and that parents feel confident when leaving their children with us.

You can print a registration form to speed up the process prior to reaching any Central campus. 



To make the check-in process a bit easier, we have made the system available for mobile devices. After you have registered into our system, you can check your child in on your mobile device. NOTE: You must be within a mile of a Central campus to be able to access the mobile check-in feature. 

  • Go to:
  • Allow Central permission to detect your location using your device's GPS.
  • Follow onscreen prompts.
  • Drop your child(ren) off at the corresponding location, and collect your claim ticket for pick-up.