Working with Internationals

Global Outreach is not just for those who go to other nations. Over the past several years more and more people from different nations are moving into our local community. Whether they are Refugees forced to flee difficult situations or International Students studying in the US, there are many people in our community who are new to the US.  We desire to welcome these internationals and make them feel a part of our community. 

If you are interested in meeting people from around the world right here in Phoenix, here are some ways to get involved.

English Talk Time: 

English is an important skill for newcomers to the United States. It is difficult to get work or succeed in school without conversational English. We have a team of people at Central who help refugees, international students, and immigrants learn English. This is one of the best ways to love internationals moving into our communities. But don’t be intimidated! You don’t have to be a teacher to be involved in this team. In fact, if you can read this sentence you can help in English Talk Time. Join us in teaching one of our English classes in various apartment complexes across the Valley. E-mail Kris Erickson for more details .

Sewing Class:

Do you know how to sew? Would you be willing to teach a Refugee this new skill? Equipping ladies to sew is one way we are working to empower Refugee women. Join our sewing classes in the East Valley on Tuesdays. To learn more, contact Kris Erikson at