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From Brokenness to Flourishing

Global Outreach is not just for those who go to other nations. In 2018 over 23.5 million people from different nations were registered as refugees with the UNHCR. A small portion of these individuals are moving into our local community and learning to adjust to a new way of living. Refugees are forced to flee broken situations and we desire to welcome these global neighbors and help them flourish within our community. 

We invite you to get involved through one of the following: 


Read Seeking Refuge by Baum, Soerens & Smeir, watch a documentary like Salam Neighbor or visit and to learn more about the refugee crisis around the world.  

Share Your Time

Refugees have many needs as they adjust to life in America. Consider helping with language learning, tutoring, job skill development or simply befriending newly arrived families.

If you or your Life Group are interested in welcoming families and helping equip and empower them in their first 12 - 18 months, join us for a co-sponsorship training and become part of a Resettlement Team. Training opportunities occur throughout the year. Email to learn more. 

Tutoring programs involve helping elementary students with English and Math skills. We offer after-school opportunities at Guerrero Elementary on Monday and Friday afternoons during the school year. We also offer evening programs for adults wanting to gain the English skills necessary to communicate with teachers and doctors, apply for higher paying jobs or pursue citizenship. Email to learn more. 

Not interested in a long-term commitment, but have a free Saturday morning to share? Check out Welcome to America Project's Volunteer Link and join a Saturday morning delivery team. 


Since refugees arrive with very little in the way of material resources and are often in low-paying jobs, a significant way to help is by donating financially to Central (please note as Global Refugee Ministry.) This enables us to help with rent subsidy, car repairs, medical costs, hygiene and household products and other critical needs for families that are not covered through other programs.