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Rooted is a catalyst for life-change through discussion in a small group environment, a safe space for biblical exploration, and practical learning experiences. The weekly readings will teach you what it means to be a disciple of Jesus through Scripture, prayer, worship, generosity, and service.

Rooted is held on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30 PM at all our campus locations.

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How can God move in 10 weeks?

10 Weeks Ago

"10 weeks ago I didn't think I was enough. I carried around anxiety, guilt and resentment. Today I have accepted Jesus, am getting baptized and I know God loves me! "

“10 weeks ago I was lonely and stuck in shame and guilt. Today I am free of shame and guilt through Jesus and my heart is full because of the community I have found!”

“10 weeks ago I was estranged from my siblings. Today God is restoring our relationship!”

“10 weeks ago I didn't have a relationship with God. Today I am all in and getting baptized!”

“10 weeks ago my life was spiraling out of control with addiction. Today I am done doing things my way and am doing them God's way!”

“10 weeks ago I had never prayed out loud. Today I know how to pray freely to God.”

“10 weeks ago church was something I just did and felt I was supposed to do. Today I am Rooted in Christ and feel empowered and reconnected to Him!”

“10 weeks ago I had just moved to Arizona and knew no one. Today I have a community of people and am plugged in and where God wants me to be!”