Week 1


Pericles, the ancient Greek Philosopher, once said, "What you leave behind is not engraved in stone monuments, but woven into the lives of others." Legacy is the impact of those who have influenced us, from parents and grandparents to everyone shaping our lives. Despite both positive and negative experiences, challenges can fuel growth, turning hurts into healing and failures into success. It raises the question: What legacy do you aim to leave?

Week 2


When the Bible talks about faith, it’s a lot more than just intellectually understanding something or believing something others don’t think is true. Real and biblical faith is about trust. As it says in James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.” Believing God exists isn’t enough. We have to learn to trust Him.

Trusting God is easy when nothing is at stake. But what about when life doesn’t make sense or God calls us beyond what is comfortable? What about when there’s a price tag to living in faith? This week we continue to look at the story of Abraham and how he learned to trust God. 

Week 3


What do you think about when you hear the word honor? Knights protecting a princess and castle? A military ceremony? Either way, the word isn’t used a lot in our culture. So what is honor? It’s the idea of giving high respect and esteem to someone. If that’s true, then who deserves our respect more than God?

This week, we’ll see we often struggle with honoring God in consistent ways. In Mark 7, Jesus describes people who honor God with their lips and yet their hearts are far from Him. What does it look like to be people who do more than just give lip service to the idea of honoring God?

Week 4


Transformation is the name of the game for God. It’s what He does. In fact, when people in the Bible encountered God, it often resulted in a change (transformation) of even their name. From Abraham in the Old Testament to Paul in the New Testament—God wants to transform us completely.  Transformation takes more than just a one-time commitment or a simple yes. It requires a radical, full and total reorientation. Think of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. That’s what God wants to do in your heart, mind, soul, and whole self. It won't be easy. It'll probably be painful. But, it's totally worth it! Are you open and ready for that kind of transformation? 

Week 5


Surrender isn’t often thought of in positive terms. We often think of it as losing or giving up. But the surrender that God invites us into is ultimately how we win. The temptation we all face is the belief that we can have it both ways—our way and God's way. But that isn’t surrender. As we will discover this week in looking at Abraham’s life, sometimes we need to be reminded that God’s way is always the best—even if it will cost us everything. Because the life of surrender is choosing God before anyone and anything else. 

Week 6

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Giving Journey

This tool is designed to help you move money from being an idol to money being a tool for God’s kingdom.