Friday, November 17

9:00 AM - 12 PM

What does it look like when leaders gather together to learn, glean, and sharpen their leadership? It changes everything. This is an impactful opportunity to grow and share experiences and best practices with others in our community. No matter what industry you serve there is an incredible opportunity to make Arizona better! Sign up today.

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Jon Moton Picture
Jon Moton

Jon Moton, is a seasoned minister with 35 years of dedicated service, is not just a man of faith but a family man as well. Having studied at Hope International University and Nazarene Bible College, he brings a wealth of both academic and spiritual wisdom to his ministry. Married for 27 years, Jon finds joy and purpose in his role as a husband and father to three daughters: Michaela (25), Delaney (23), and Taylynn (18). #girldad.

Jon is the Pastor of the Gilbert Campus of Central Christian Church and is part of the teaching team.

Eric Ehmann Picture
Eric Ehmann

Eric Ehmann has been a pastor for over 25 years. He began in student ministry and has served as a senior pastor in Austin Tx, led a church plant in Scottsdale, AZ. Eric has also worked in disaster recovery for the state of Arizona as well a global hunger organization. Currently, Eric is the Lead Campus Pastor for Central Christian Church overseeing Campus Pastors, Men’s groups and Church online. He is passionate about leadership and equipping others to lead at their highest level because when we help others to get better, we all get better. Eric will share how leaders should consider where we have earned the loss of trust and how we must regain trust in order to be most effective.

Mo Grimm Picture
Mo Grimm

Executive Pastor at Grace Community Church. Mo has a history of working in the religious institutions industry, nonprofit organizations, Customer Service, Coaching, and Volunteer Management. He has a Bachelor of Science focused in Business/Corporate Communications from Grace College and Seminary.


Over the past three years there has been considerable discussion inside different organizations about trust. These discussions have typically centered around how do we make sure that all members of the team feel they are Trusted to give their very best and look out for the well-being of other members on the team. Hearing these types of discussions is why we chose the overall topic for this event as “Leading with Trust”. Our speakers will shed light on the challenges and rewards of “Leading with Trust.”  

Central Christian Church in partnership with Grace Community Church (Tempe) will be hosting an upcoming Cross Church Leadership event on November 17th. The event will be held on Central Christian Church’s Gilbert Campus located at 965 E. Germann Road in Gilbert, Arizona in their Student Center.

The event format will consist of a combination of learning opportunities. First, knowledgeable presenters will be speaking from the heart on the topic of Trust. Secondly, following each presentation will be a roundtable discussion based on key points made by the presenters. This roundtable discussion will give the attendees an opportunity to dig deeper into the topic as well as gleam the wisdom of those participants sitting at the same table. And thirdly, at the end of the discussions, we will show a very impactful short video of a high-profile leader who felt he didn’t always get it right. So, he humbly went before his staff and admitted his leadership over the past three years had been less than stellar. He went on to apologize for his poor leadership. How do you think this changed his employee’s trust factor? This is a 30-minute video that you will not want to miss.

We meet from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Snacks and drinks will be provided.