4 Reasons Why Reading the Bible is Worth Your Time


4 Reasons Why Reading the Bible is Worth Your Time

By Jonathan Miller

Is the Bible worth your time?

In a previous blog, I answered the question, “Why is reading the Bible so Hard?” When I answered that question, I didn’t blow it off and say, “You kidding me? The Bible is an easy read. A kindergartener could do it!”

Nope. Reading the Bible can be quite difficult for everyone.

When you pick up the Bible, you are not picking up an entertaining novel like Harry Potter. To be sure, the Bible contains stories that will captivate you and inspire you, but most people wouldn’t describe the Bible as a “page turner.”

That’s because you have to spend time trying to understand something that was neither originally written to you nor written in your language. It can be frustrating and exhausting.

But is it worth it?

My answer: Yes!

Alright, blog over. The End.

Just kidding. I really had you there, didn’t I?

Let’s talk about 4 reasons why reading the Bible is worth your time.

1. The Bible Reveals the Character of God

If an all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the universe existed, wouldn’t you want to get to know him? Some argue if such a being did exist, then it wouldn’t be possible to know him. Our minds would not be able to grasp this being’s immenseness. Those who make this argument are…correct.

God makes it pretty clear in the Bible that no human will fully understand Him, but that doesn’t mean we can’t know Him.

Logically, if an all-powerful being existed, that being would have the power to reveal himself to lesser beings in a way they could understand. If he could not do this, then he would not be an all-powerful being, would he?

This is what the Bible is. It is God’s decision to reveal Himself to His most precious creations, us. It is the epic story of God’s interaction with humanity from the beginning and to the end of time.

When you engage in the hard work of studying these interactions, you actually get to know our Creator.

2. It Never Gets Old

I used to avoid reading books in the Bible like Deuteronomy or Isaiah. Most of what I read went right over my head. In fact, most of the Bible still goes over my head. That’s what makes it so beautiful.

Every time you read the Bible, it has the power to teach you something new. You might want to read The Hobbit more than once, but The Hobbit only has so much wisdom to offer you.

I can’t tell you how many times I have avoided reading a book in the Bible like Matthew because I’ve read it several times. “Surely there isn’t anything new for me to learn there…” I say to myself in my pride. When I finally do read Matthew again, I am astounded at how much life-changing wisdom I missed in my previous read-throughs.

That’s why the Bible never gets old. There’s always something to learn from its pages, even from books you’ve read many times before.

3. It Shows You the Best Way to Live

Do you want total satisfaction in life? Have you pursued a relationship, career, or pleasure with all of your heart, but you still feel empty inside?

If God is our Creator and the Bible reveals His heart for us, then wouldn’t it be reasonable to conclude that the One who created you knows what you need more than you do?

In the Bible, God chose to both reveal Himself and the purpose of His creation. That means the Bible contains the answer to the age-old question, “What is the meaning of life?” Not only that, the Bible contains the answer to your question, “What is the meaning of my life?”

Spoiler: the answer is not 42. 🤯

4. The Bible Makes the World a Better Place

Has the Bible been misused to make life a living hell for so many people? Yes. Yes, it has.

This has happened over and over in humanity’s history. People use the name of God to do something God despises. The perpetuation of slavery in the United States’ history is an easy example. The US is still bleeding from wounds this misuse of the Bible has caused. It is altogether horrendous and tragic.

Does that mean the Bible is to blame? Absolutely not. People are.

The Bible contains the wisdom the world needs in order to get off of its butt, feed the poor, love others, protect the orphans, provide justice for the oppressed, and so much more.

History may show a traumatic past of God’s Word being misused, but it also shows a story of millions of His committed followers making the world a better place.

If we all followed the words of the Bible (Christians included), the world would be transformed for the better. Doesn’t that sound like something worth working toward?

Is the hard work of reading the Bible worth it? I believe with all of my heart the answer is, “Yes!” It shows who God is. It reminds us who we are. It never gets old and has the power to change the world. That sounds worth it to me.

Want to start the hard work of reading the Bible and don’t know where to start? I have written a blog all about that. Check it out here.