How to Host Church from Home


How to Host Church from Home

By Emily Heaton

As we step closer in our progression of church services being held in person, we realize it can feel like a big jump to some. It may feel daunting or make some feel uneasy to move from quarantine in their homes to a large gathering for church. We invite you to step in between those possibilities; church from home.

Though church is online and will remain online even as we open our physical campuses, we don’t want anyone to have to do church alone.

We always desire the church community to be united. It’s good to remember the Church isn’t a building, but it’s also not just one individual watching a YouTube video of a sermon in their house and stopping there. It’s a group of believers, united and moved into action from the good news of Jesus! Regardless of what building you’re in, you are specifically called to bring the good news to the world.

We believe the best ability to do that comes from being in community with other Jesus-followers.

Here are 5 tips on how to host a successful service in your own home:

1. Invitation

Invite a small group to your home for a viewing party of a specific service time! Friends, family, neighbors, or your Life Group are perfect groups to invite as you begin your journey of hosting church from home. Don’t have a Life Group yet? Check out this page to get involved in one.

There’s something for kids and students too. You can find weekly messages and more coming from our Children’s and Student ministries.

Keep in mind some are not yet comfortable with gathering. We want to be a church that shows kindness, compassion, and love to each and every person. It’s ok to give people more time.

Demonstrate grace if someone is not ready and show them that you respect their decision.

2. Preparation

It’s time to prepare the viewing party atmosphere!

You don’t have to go crazy cleaning—but a quick spruce-up would be nice. Make sure there are spots for your guests to sit. Also take a glance at your bathroom to make sure it’s comfortable for people to use (You’re welcome).

Are you taking communion together? If so, grab some crackers and grape juice. This can be a special time for your group to pray together. Take the time to remember Jesus’ body and blood that was given for us. There is a reason it’s called communion after all. That’s because it is meant to be shared in community.

Remember, there is usually a time in service where you’ll be prompted to pause and take communion. What if you paused the service and found a verse to read during this time or led a prayer? That could add to a special moment just for your group.

3. Discussion

Who said that service had to end with the sermon? We have made it easy to go even deeper with the people you are with.

After the service, you can lead a discussion by reminding your group of the sermon’s Big Idea. This can bring deeper conversation and allow your group to process through any questions that may have been stirred during the service.

4. Eat Together

Sharing a meal is a great way to continue to grow as a community.

In fact, many cultures consider a shared meal to be sacred and deeply important.

Why not plan a meal before or after service? Don’t worry about trying to do all by yourself either. Ask the group to bring some snacks or sides with them to share.

5. Just Do It

At first, it can be scary to think of hosting a group at your house for church. But think about how lonely many people have been over the last few months. You might have the opportunity to provide a place for friends to gather and grow together.

With that in perspective, it becomes less about you and your feelings of inadequacy and more about how you can serve others.

You might be surprised to find how God takes what you have to offer and multiplies your efforts for His glory.

We encourage you to make this a habit for your online service experience. Like we said before, there is no need to watch online services alone. Life is better together. Are you ready to go be the church?