How To Share Your Faith • Bri Johns • October 11, 2020

How To Share Your Faith
Bri Johns • October 11, 2020

[00:00:00] Hey Central. It is so good to be with you today. My name is Bri Johns, and I am the Weekend Arts Pastor here. And we're continuing our series on Foundations. Honestly, it's an absolute honor to get to share the message with you today. And when I think about foundations, I think that my life right now feels anything but like on solid foundation, like I'm so unsettled because due to COVID and due to 2020, my life has been kind of upside down my husband and I decided that, being stuck inside on quarantine, in a small house with two little boys screaming and doing video games and WrestleMania and not having a place to escape when I have a backyard or a pool, like we realized, like we need a bigger house. [00:01:00] And so in a pandemic, we decide we're going to upgrade, get a bigger house, and sell the home that we've lived in for the last 11 years. And it's been emotional and we've been living out of boxes and we're eating fast food like every night, because we've got to get in and out and clean and do house repairs. And it's so out of the norm guys. I have not felt like I'm standing on a solid foundation. And that's our series today. It's Foundations. And Cal has done an incredible job at kind of sharing with us what it means to truly own our faith. [00:01:33] Like when we have a solid foundation we're living out, we're not just believing in God, but we're living out our faith. And so we started off a couple of weeks ago, learning about passionately pursuing Jesus. And friends, if you're Frank on the Ahwatukee campus, I just want to give a shout out to you. I was there when you got baptized two weeks go. [00:01:54] And I just want you to know, like I was so moved because you got up and you got on the microphone and you [00:02:00] just said in front of the whole church, I cannot wait to do this. I have to do this now. Like I can't wait any longer. Can Central, can we give a round of applause for Frank and all the others that we saw on the countdown video today who have decided to passionately pursue Jesus and give their lives to him. [00:02:18] It's just awesome. So, so happy for you guys. Frank, you're awesome. And we also learned about serving consistently. That is our job as, as a community here, that we would build up this community that we'd create a place where people could come and they could experience God. And so we serve when we're a part of this church. [00:02:36] And today I get to share with you about sharing your faith, sharing your faith. And yes, I know how that sounds. And I know how it makes me feel when somebody says we've got to share our faith. We need to be evangelistic. People need to hear about Jesus. I know it's like Bri, please don't make me be the Ned Flanders of my neighborhood. Do you guys remember this guy from a little old show called the [00:03:00] Simpsons? The nerdy Christian guy, the annoying guy in the neighborhood of the Simpsons or Bri, please don't make me have awkward conversations with my coworkers. Like I just can't handle that. I don't want to be that type of Christian. [00:03:12] Is that what sharing your faith is all about? You know, I get it because some of us. We were raised with really out there, you know, methods on how to share the gospel with people, share the good news with people. I remember maybe you remember this, but the EvangeCube, I own an EvangeCube. Have you seen this before? [00:03:32] It's like a Rubik's cube and it has seven sides and you show it to somebody by like opening the pieces and it starts off with like you and your sin, and then you fold it over and God is on this side and you can't get to him because you have sin. And then, and then Jesus comes and he died and on the cross for your sins and it becomes like a big heart at the end. [00:03:53] And now you can have a relationship with Jesus. Are you ready to give your life to Christ? Like super awkward or even [00:04:00] more cringy are the million dollar tracks. Have you seen these? They're like, it looks like a million dollar bill and people hand those out to like their waiter or waitress when they're having a meal or out at the park. [00:04:12] And it's so excited, like, oh my gosh, a million dollar bill. Only to turn it over to be like, gotcha. Here's the million dollar question: will you go to heaven or hell when you die? Like all of these start with the purest intentions, right? We all have a desire to see our loved ones in heaven one day, but is this really what God is expecting from us as we share our faith? [00:04:39] We're being, you know, it's a part of owning our faith is that we need to have these random encounters with people and ambush them with the gospel. Or is there a better way to do this? You know, I hope that we can learn today about a way to share a faith that lights you up inside, where you want to jump out of bed you're so excited because, because you want to be a part of something [00:05:00] bigger than you. And so I can imagine that, what I'm talking about right now might be triggering some of your upbringing guilt. Some of the way that you were raised, like to make sure that you had like this urgency in your heart to share with your friends and family every single day, making the most of every opportunity and having that, that gospel conversation. [00:05:19] And so I promise you today, this message is for you. I promise you that today, also this message is for those of you with the gift of evangelism. By the way, some of you can just have upfront conversations with people about God and it's not odd and it's not awkward and people are receptive to it. And you are doing an incredible work and please keep going. [00:05:41] We are watching you and we are learning from you, but for the rest of us, being evangelistic is not our default. It's not our regular gift. We've got to grow in this because we still are called to share the good news of Jesus. And so today we're going to learn about how to do that. We're going to [00:06:00] learn about how to live in a real world that's not out of touch where we actually connect with people and it's not anxiety driven. We actually can share with people the good news and it's well received. So let's get our Bibles out. If you have your Bible right now, we're going to be in Matthew chapter five. And if you don't have one, you can follow along with the screen. [00:06:20] Matthew chapter five, starting in verse 13. It says you are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses it saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It's no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under foot. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot hidden. Neither do people, light a lamp and put it under a bowl. [00:06:45] Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your God- your Father in heaven. [00:07:00] Jesus said these words. He said these words in his recorded sermon on the Mount, and there were thousands of people who sat and followed and listened to him hear about an amazing, like the amazing God that Jesus was talking about, who was the nature of a father. Who was loving and forgiving. And he wasn't condemning and guilt-driven and he wasn't this punisher. And people recognize like, this is, this is God. He's the God who loves me. He's a God who wants to be near me. [00:07:32] And in this moment, Jesus gives his listeners, his followers two metaphors on how they're to live in the world now that they believe in him. And he said you are to be salt and you are to be light. So, what does that mean? Let's break this down salt, by the way, salt is my favorite ingredient. I carry a thing of salt. [00:07:52] I have a little tin in my purse, so wherever I go, if there's an emergency and there's a lack of salt on some of my food, I cannot handle [00:08:00] having bland food. And so I imagine I wanna be when I'm 92, I'm probably gonna look a lot like this lady, check this out. [00:08:19] "That's insane!" "You're insane. That's what keeps me alive." [00:08:29] You're insane. You are insane. Salt is awesome. She's amazing. She is my hero. Salt. Salt has this basic quality. It's to flavor food. It's to make food more delicious. It's to enhance the flavor of food to make it better. And so you get this right. You've had a steak without any seasoning on it, a bland, plain steak, no salt on it. [00:08:52] You got to throw that out by the way. But you've also had a steak, a good juicy seasoned steak that's got [00:09:00] this nice salty crust that's been seared on the sides and you, you reach and you cut into it and you take a bite and it's this crunchy savory goodness. And it's life changing. Add a little garlic butter and like a twice baked potato is amazing. [00:09:15] Or if you're vegetarian, I get you too right. Shake up some garlic and some butter with green beans. Add that salt in there. It's so life changing, so incredible. Salt is so, so good. You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again, it's no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under foot. [00:09:38] What this means is that if we exist on this planet, and if we are calling ourselves Christians and we make little or no effort to have any effect on those around us, then we're bland, bland. I worry sometimes that we can be so out of touch. Actually we can blend in so much with the world that we're [00:10:00] vanilla. [00:10:00] And if you're a follower of Jesus and you keep the hope that you have in him to yourself and no one experiences, the savoryness of his goodness, when they're around you, then, then you're, you're missing out on the value of God's mission for your life. He's you're missing out on, on your purpose. And so we live in a world that needs, it's a bland world that needs Jesus and needs the love. [00:10:26] It needs joy it needs unconditional love, freedom, hope, all of these things that only Jesus can give. And so when we just exist and when we're not sharing this out, the Bible says we're not good for anything. Ouch! Like except to be trampled under foot, like dirt. It's not, there's no purpose in that life. [00:10:47] Our job is to season other lives and make them better. Just like salt brings out the best in food. Like imagine living in a world where Christians are known to be salty in a good [00:11:00] way, not salty, like, no, she's so salty, salty in a good way. Like when you're passionately living out your faith. So much that's living so vibrantly that the people around you notice and they want to be a part of that. [00:11:13] Like, I hope so much when I share with people that I'm a Christian. I hope when I identify myself as that, that they think good things. Not all people do. I think that I hope that we get to a point where Christians people go, man, I just love Christians. Aren't they amazing people. Like when my boys grow up. [00:11:31] I want them to marry Christian women because that group of people, that community they're so loving and accepting and generous, or when, when my kids get older, I want them to work for a Christian. I want to work for a Christian, somebody who, who, who can trust me, who's honest. Who cares about my life outside of the job here, Christians are amazing people. [00:11:51] This is what being salty could mean for us. People being affected in a positive way, by being a part of our lives by [00:12:00] seeing Christ in us, let's look there back in our passage, Matthew five, starting at verse 14, it says. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. [00:12:15] Instead they put it on its stand. It gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven. When I think about what Jesus is telling the crowd here, I think about the light that's inviting, that light can bring such comfort and such warmth. [00:12:39] Like nobody likes being in the dark for too long. Light illuminates. Light helps things be seen that aren't seen. I think of watching like a rising sunrise. Have you seen this before you sit there and when the light hits your eyes from the sun, that's just peaking over the mountains and it hits your face and it warms you up and almost [00:13:00] aches in a good way in the back of your eyes. Light. It has this attractive feature. It makes an impact. A city on it hill can be seen for miles. A lighthouse on a cliff can be seen for miles and people who are lost, who need to see this need to be a part, need to be invited into this light. If we're to shine out the love of Christ that we've received, we want others to be able to experience it through us and you're getting it right. [00:13:28] Like you're getting this. This is not about EvangeCubes and about million dollar tracts. This is about, we are a representation of God's love in this world. But there's this thing about too much salt or too much light, right? Too much salt ever been pranked, or somebody took like the cap off your salt shaker and you shook it on your food. [00:13:50] And it's like, bleh, I cannot, I cannot eat this and it's ruined. And we're there such thing as too much light, light shining in your eyes. And it's just [00:14:00] blinding and Christians can be too much. You know, this street preachers and tract givers and some of the Christians out there that when you're hurting, they say cliche things like God is good all the time. All the time. God is good. And you're like, that's not helpful. Like turn it down. Um, that is not sharing with me, the light and the salt. Verse 16, let your light shine before others that they may see what? Your good deeds. And then what would they do? And then they would glorify your father in heaven that people might see God in you so much that they would glorify, that they would see him for who he really is and want to worship him, that they would glorify your father in heaven because your light shine before them. [00:14:49] And they saw your good deeds. This is who we're to be, not to be blinding or help people lose your appetites or be turned off. We want people to be invited in. [00:15:00] So I feel like I've made my case. How do we do this? We need to be salt and light in this world. We need to live vibrant lives that people want to be a part of. Sharing your faith, [00:15:10] the first thing- sharing your faith takes time. It takes time. This relationship building is it's sharing your faith is just more about making a friend. There should be no motives, no ulterior motive, no agenda. That's just getting to know somebody. It's not about pushing somebody past the eternal finish line and hoping that they make they get converted. [00:15:32] Like that is not what sharing faith is. You don't need to win a debate on the Holy Trinity, which by the way, people who need salt, and light in their lives, they're not asking those questions. Your job is just to love. And to season those around you and to shine. And maybe after the 10th conversation you've had with somebody in your relationship with them, as you've spent time with them, you earn the right to be able to tell them about the hope you have in [00:16:00] Jesus, or maybe they ask about it, take your time, you know, be able to be invited into a conversation. [00:16:06] Test the waters. Now all of us have shook a little bit too much salt on our plate, right? You've done a little bit too much salt and you go, oops. That was a little too much. And so that's okay. It doesn't mean you never use salt again, it doesn't mean that you don't light any more candles or turn the light bulbs on when it's too bright. [00:16:23] You just go back and go, okay, I'm going to reset. But I mean, test the waters when you're hanging out with people and you love them, and you do want them to know who Jesus is, give yourself some grace and toss out some questions to your friends and family about spiritual things. Try and start a conversation. [00:16:40] If you get a reaction, you can just be like, oops. A little bit too much salt. I'll try again, like give yourself some grace. Second thing is sharing your faith is not convenient. It's not convenient. All of us could be busy. We could be busy. We could fill our calendars with work and [00:17:00] errands and family and hobbies. [00:17:02] And, but then when we were so busy, we miss meaningful moments in the lives of the people around us. And so we often can choose chores over people, but as Christians, we need to expand our focus. We need to expand our focus in order to live in our purpose. And so what this means is we've got to build in some margin into our schedule. [00:17:23] So that when our friends ask us, Hey, you want to come to my kid's second birthday party? Or when your, your, your friend calls up and says, Hey, my mom's in the hospital. I'm really scared. That you're not so overbooked that you can drop everything. You can go be with that person. You can go celebrate. You [00:17:40] can go be in sorrow with somebody. That you're connecting, that you're being intentional. You're making margin in your life or where you're making an intention to step out of your front door. And to go walk around your neighborhood, to go talk to people that you see outside and get to know the people that live around you or the same [00:18:00] thing at work, walk around the cubicles, take a break from work. [00:18:02] Work will still be there and go connect with people. This is building relationships. You've gotta be intentional about it, cause it's never convenient and we can always be too busy. But if we really want to make an impact in this world for God, we've gotta be intentional. And the third thing is is that sharing your faith takes courage. [00:18:21] Sharing your faith takes courage. My neighbors that I live with right now mean the world to me. We've lived in this same house for a long time. The people, I know every single person around us and I'm only moving 500 yards away. So we're moving, but not far, because I want to be a part of these relationships I have with these people. [00:18:40] I love them so much. And we've become so close over the years, we text every day, it started with like a neighborhood watch and then we had a pumpkin carving party and then we celebrate birthdays and we celebrate anniversaries and, and we even celebrated some people becoming U.S. Citizens. And this has become a family [00:19:00] for us. [00:19:00] And I've got to tell you, it's something I've had to build up the courage for because I'm an introvert. Like I am not very good at getting outside of myself. If I could have it my way, I would just stay inside with the blinds drawn and watch Netflix in my PJ's. Jake, my husband is an extrovert. He's he's easy breezy walks outside. Hey, how's it going? Hey, what's up? What are you about? Like, he talks to everybody and it's just his nature, but I realized that's not me. Like I can't be off the hook for that. Like we're a team. We're a part of, we both have the same purpose in our lives to, to shine out the love of Jesus. [00:19:35] And so I got to get over myself, I've got to get courage. I got to stop caring about how messy my hair is or what I'm wearing, and I need to go out and connect with people. And so it's, it's, it started out awkward. In this neighborhood, it's still awkward sometimes. And I just have to get over it, but I have, I try and have the courage to connect and have I shared everything about my faith with these people? [00:20:00] No. Do they know that I love Jesus and I work at a church? [00:20:04] Absolutely. They do. And do they want to know more? I'm testing those waters. I'm trying it out, but. You know what I knew I was in with these people. Like I wasn't just the Ned Flanders hopefully not in the neighborhood that I was in with this group of people when they invited me to the annual beer pong tournament. [00:20:23] Yes. I told Jake, I was like, I can't believe they want us there. This is so exciting. Like, are we going to go? And it's like, we need to make a decision here. And we decided we're going to go. They let us fill the cups with whatever beverage we wanted. But I just was like so thrilled that they weren't freaked out by me so much that they'd want us to be a part. [00:20:41] And so set up the beer pong and my job there was to be salt and light. And so I asked people while I'm tossing those balls, like, Hey, who are? Who are you? What are you about? Tell me about your kids. What's the stress in your life right now? Um, and, and just telling them about, my week at church, you know, Central is doing some incredible things in [00:21:00] our communities and across the globe. [00:21:02] And I get to share that with them and they get really like their ears perk up, like, wow, that's a really cool church to be a part of. And, and my neighbors know what Jesus means to me. And do I try and convince them to believe it too? No, I don't. I pray for them and I wait, have I invited them to church like a thousand times and to Christmas and to Easter at Central? [00:21:24] Yes. And what do I get in return? I just get blinks back. Or crickets on the text thread. And when they get the invite, I'm good with that. The ultimate goal is just for them to know that I love them. The ultimate goal is for them to know that when they need me, I am there and I've got to be courageous about it because it's not my nature to just be out there and extroverted and hang out. [00:21:48] But when they need me or they need a cup of sugar or they need a meal, I'm there. When they need someone to listen to I'm there, when they need to move in a fridge to their house, Jake is there, [00:22:00] but I will fill up the groceries. Like I'm there. I want them to know that I care about them. I understand with God, you know, sending me out that this is a journey and this takes time. Sharing your faith takes time. [00:22:14] Sharing your faith is not convenient and sharing your faith takes courage. You can do this. I'm trying with you, like, this is us together. And did you know that there's a statistic out there that you will interact with 12 individuals a day? Now that's purpose. That's something you can be intentional about when you wake up and you recognize, there are 12 souls, I'm going to interact with today. [00:22:40] What's my plan. How am I going to be salt and light to them? Do those 12 people know that you love them genuinely without bias or judgment. Do they know how much you care for them? You've got 12 people or even think about social media, way more than 12 people, right on social media, you can interact with hundreds and thousands of [00:23:00] people. [00:23:00] And what would that look like if you were to share about who God is to you on social media, something you couldn't do without Him. If you posted a story about something God did in your life, not just sharing a Christian opinion piece. Or a abstract scripture that means more to you than it means to somebody else on the receiving end, but that they would see how God is active and alive in your life. [00:23:24] Maybe you saw him in a car accident that you're part of but God helped you through, or maybe he saw that you were struggling. Maybe you saw him at a sunrise or a sunset, but that you would share who God is in your life. And you tell these stories instead of trying to force feed Jesus to others. You know, I think we can do a lot when we recognize that it's really not about us. [00:23:47] We just got to shine the light and show them who God is, because he means so much to us. And I wonder what he means to us when we don't shine him out. Do we know him at all? Is he, are we part of this journey with him? We've [00:24:00] got to try and we gotta, we gotta work on this anyway. I want to close with one last story. [00:24:05] One that shaped my way that I began to understand how, how God works when I commit my, my, my, my being salt and light to him, regardless of where I am. So I had this dream when I, I, when I graduated high school, I wanted to be a famous, a world, famous radio DJ. And so I was on kind of the journey, the crusade to go find a job in radio. [00:24:29] And I will date myself here. I was 20 years old. I was looking at the local newspaper, the job section with my red pen and circling jobs. And I found one ABC radio networks was, was hiring for a position for radio Disney for producer position. And so I got all my, you know, all my confidence and my lucky socks on, and I went and I interviewed and they hired me without any experience like shocker, so crazy. So I land this job. I'm [00:25:00] so excited. I don't even have a degree in speech communication yet. Like I am starting off in radio. And, um, it started off a lot of fun, but I got to tell you, I'm gonna break your hearts here and tell you that, that this was Disney radio. [00:25:14] But, um, and safe for all kids, and it was, it was the happiest place on earth, but, um, when we were off air, it was not Disney friendly. These guys would make fun of people on the other side of the glass of our studio for being dumb or ugly. [00:25:28] And I got my fair share of being made fun of, and they'd asked me about my weekend. I would share about what I did at church. And they would just rip me like how dumb, how unintelligent it is to to have faith. Like it doesn't even make sense. It was kind of a hard place to exist. I was never cool with these guys, but I so wanted to be in radio that I had just stayed there. [00:25:51] And, uh, and I had just kind of begun to understand my journey of being a Christian and being salt and light. And so I just committed that I was going to keep being [00:26:00] salt and light to these guys no matter how they treated me. So what you don't see in that photo of the team is another part of our team, a guy named Brian Heughan right here. [00:26:09] Brian actually is our board operator in our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. So I would put a headset on every day to produce the show. We put together all the creative content and interact with fans and celebrities. And then I would call Brian when the show began and we would stay in sync the whole time. [00:26:27] Like he would keep us in the transitions and ready for commercials and song blocks. And we were on a headset together talking in between commercial breaks about life. Like Brian became my little secret friend. I never met in person, but somebody I interacted with every single day. And it was fun, I got to hear about his life. [00:26:47] Got to hear about his hopes and his dreams. You know, we kind of talked about how difficult it was sometimes when the radio hosts made fun of us. And it was just a really kind of cool friendship. This, this little [00:27:00] this of mine on the other side, in another state. But I'll never forget like a year ago in this job where Brian kind of, we were setting up for the show. [00:27:10] I called up Brian. We're talking to each other and he said, there's like something different in the way he was talking. Like he seemed different. I'm like Brian, what is up with you? Are you okay? And he said Bri, I've got some news. I cannot wait to tell you. I'm like, okay, what, like, are you getting married? [00:27:26] Did you win the lottery? Like what is up? And he goes, Bri. I'm getting baptized this weekend. Like, wait, what? You don't even go to church, like how you're getting baptized, like help me understand, like, what is happening? And he said Bri, I didn't want to tell you, but I've been trying out church. I've had friends, who've been guilting me into going to church for years. [00:27:49] And he said, and just talking to you every day and eavesdropping to you when the hosts, the radio host would make fun of you and you didn't back down, but you didn't actually feel like you needed to debate. You [00:28:00] just were yourself. And, and you shared about who God is to you. It just, it got my interest. It got me thinking like, I want to, I want to check this out. [00:28:09] And so I went to church and I went there and I, and I. I experienced Jesus and I'm giving my life to Jesus Bri. I want him to be my personal Lord and savior. And I'm like, Oh, he's just like, this is part of, you're a part of my story now. Like you not, I just, you have had an effect on me and you had no idea. [00:28:35] And that was just the craziest part for me in being, I just, I think to myself, this was a great way for me to understand that this has nothing to do with, I didn't have a premeditated coffee appointment with Brian to share with him the gospel presentation. I didn't have a canned spiel that I want to share with him. [00:28:53] It was just in the daily of being who I am trying to be salt and light. And somehow Brian caught that [00:29:00] and I think we are so missing it when we don't realize that God loves our friends and our family more than we do. God was pursuing Brian. Brian was somebody God was wanting to get ahold of. And he had many ways. [00:29:15] He was showing himself to him and God wanted him to, to catch wind of who he was. And he barely used me. And it was just amazing that like, God is so creative when he's moving. And I just realized I got to trust that, that my job is just an honor to be a part of people's stories, but, but being salt and light had nothing to do with anything that I'm really giving. [00:29:39] It's just about being ready to be utilized. Central, that's all that we're being asked to do. Being salt and light to the people around us. So we can eventually earn the right to tell them about the hope that they have in Jesus. And if you need some tangible steps right now, if you want to walk out today and have a couple of things that you want to practice, [00:30:00] here are three things I want to share with you as some next steps. [00:30:02] The first one is post something that God has done in your life. I talked about that earlier. I dare you to post something about what God has done in your life and see how people respond. Just start sharing, have that courage. The second thing, place salt somewhere to serve as a reminder. I already have my salt, but if you're on one of our physical campuses, as you exit, we've got salt packets, you can pick up and I, I challenge you. I encourage you to put that somewhere that will remind you to be salty in a good way. Season the people around you with God's love. Put that on your dashboard, put it, put it in your purse, put it in your pocket, put it in your wallet and take it with you. The third thing is ask God to reveal opportunities to share your faith. [00:30:48] You know, so often we can have blinders on. We're so busy and we miss opportunities that God's going to reveal to us. Like I could have heard more about Brian. I could have asked more. I could have asked God, what should I be [00:31:00] saying right now, ask God to reveal opportunities to share your faith with somebody. [00:31:04] All of these things can lead you to having a conversation with somebody about Jesus. And I just encourage you to be patient and be faithful to the process and to your purpose, sharing your faith, owning your faith. It's an incredible way to live. God's got incredible things he's going to do in and through you today as you leave this service. [00:31:27] And so let's just close out and pray together. Would you pray with me. Heavenly father, God, I'm thinking of a couple people right now I know that the need to know who you are. They need to experience your love. And I pray God that you would show me ways to be salt and light to them. And for those who are here listening, as they're thinking of their loved ones, that they want to know who you are. [00:31:50] God, I lift them up to you to have courage and to be intentional with being salt and light to them. Lord, we just love you. And we thank you that Jesus died [00:32:00] on the cross for our sins so we can have a relationship with you. And I pray that that lights us up and we jump out of bed and we want to share that with others. [00:32:08] We want to shine that out to others. Lord, thank you for the incredible privilege of getting to, to live in this story with you. And we just love you. We pray all these things in Jesus' name. Amen.

How To Share Your Faith

by Bri Johns • October 11, 2020

Why should we share our faith in Jesus? Does it matter?

How do we share our faith? Do we all need to be preaching on the street corners?

God calls us to share our faith every moment, but it doesn’t always look like preaching. Actually, most of the time, sharing our faith doesn’t include preaching at all!

Join us this week as Pastor Bri Johns shows us how to share our faith and how it can be so powerful!