Win With Money

Gilbert Student Room

Event Date: 4/8/2024

Win With Money will meet on four consecutive Monday nights in Gilbert starting April 8th at 6:30pm. We will explore in detail the eight most important decisions that impact a person’s financial health and future financial security. Participants will understand the value of the eight key decisions, will be provided with the tools to implement them and will experience the benefits of reduced financial stress and increased margin. Emphasis will be placed on the spiritual side of money guided by biblical principles, the practical side of managing money and the emotional side of money which often leads to harmful financial decisions. Ways to increase giving and savings while decreasing debt will be foundational to the series. Each session will include some time for discussion after each teaching segment. It is open to Central folks and people in the community and there is no charge.

Win With Money will also be presented by Zoom Webinar on three consecutive Monday nights at 6:30pm beginning May 5 for those who missed the April series.

For more information or to register email: