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Wholistic Impact Ministry serves as a bridge between the local and the global, fostering collaboration, understanding, and impactful action. Through this wholistic approach, we strive to create a world where communities thrive, empowered by their unique strengths and connectedness to the broader global community. Join the journey towards creating lasting and meaningful change, both locally and globally where all can flourish.

"The global does not, cannot, exist without the local-but the coming together of localities creates a global reality that becomes greater than the sum of its parts." - Graham Hill

Learn more about refugees Picture
Learn more about refugees
There are over 110 Million forcibly displaced people worldwide. When people flee their home due to persecution or conflict, many people settle in the Phoenix area. We have a prerogative to learn, listen, and understand their stories.
What’s next for Chosen? Picture
What’s next for Chosen?
Although Central’s Chosen lobby experience may be over, there are many ways to connect with your child, learn about their village, and engage in upcoming opportunities.
Peacemaking Resources Picture
Peacemaking Resources
What does it mean to be a peacemaker? How can listening, learning, and challenging the status quo help you on your personal peacemaking journey? Connect with these resources as a way to grow your mind and develop yourself as a peacemaker.