Central Women The Series: Studying the Names of God

Central Women The Series: Studying the Names of God

What’s in a name? In America and around the world, names are our identity. Our heritage and traditions. Names are differentiators between ourselves and others. But when we study the names of God, His character is being revealed to us and we discover that each one conveys an attribute of Him. When we understand the names of God, we begin to get a glimpse into how He moves in our lives, and how He responds to and cares for His People.

Throughout the generations, there are many who have encountered Him, and they strive to put feelings and emotions into words, searching for a way to adequately describe him. These stories fill the pages of scripture.

Solomon describes the name of the Lord as a strong tower.

David says when we truly know His name, we truly know Him, and we put our trust in Him.

And God reveals Himself to us with His personal name, YHWH.

So join us this summer, as we journey through scripture, relentlessly seeking Him and discover just what’s in a name.  

Here is how it works:

1) Gather your friends and invite them in on this journey with you.

2) Every Sunday go to the Central Women Blog and read about this week’s name of God.

3) Every Tuesday tune into the Central Women Podcast for deeper community conversations.

4) Every Thursday check out the Central Women YouTube channel for a video devotion.

5) Grow in your love for the Lord and share that with us on social media.

There is no registration for this study, just follow the steps above every week for 10 weeks starting May 8, 2022!