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Central's Mesa Campus, Room 250

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Registration closed on Saturday, May 18, 2019

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Amplify Peace Introduction Native American Immersive Encounter

There is a common feeling among much of our Native American population that they have been “unseen” among us. This Immersive Encounter will help us to open our eyes and begin the journey of “seeing”. We believe this is an important part of Amplifying Peace and provides an opportunity to listen to history and stories we have never taken the time to hear before. It will cause a disruption in our hearts as we find we have too often only listened to one side of a story and, as we have found, there can be danger in a single story. This subject is far too important and too vast to limit to a one-day encounter. We have organized this experience for people to go deeply into this encounter, if they wish, or spend just one day gaining insight.

We will be offering several “Introduction Day” experiences through out the year that will provide background information as well as transformational experiences. Once a person completes the “Introduction Day” they will be placed on an email list to receive invitations to additional Native American Immersive Encounter experiences. Two that will be offered in the fall are a day in Phoenix with a panel of leaders from the Tribal Nations here in Arizona. Another Encounter will be an overnight trip to Flagstaff where we will visit both the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff and visit some people who live on the Navajo Reservation. Other Encounters will be offered as opportunities come up. We would like to develop ongoing relationships that will transform hearts!

Cost: $30 (does not include cost of lunch) 

Location: Mesa Campus Central Christian Church Room 250

Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

8:30 am Introductions/Listening Guidelines

9:00 am Kristine and Brad Firethunder

11:30 am Leave for Phoenix (transportation provided)

12:30pm Lunch at Fry Bread House (not included in registration)

1:30 pm Tour of Boarding School Exhibit at Heard Museum (entrance fee included in registration)

3:00 pm Tour of Indian Steele Park, site of the Phoenix Boarding School. This tour will be led by Kelli Donley Williams, author of Counting Coup. This tour will end with a contemplative time at the park’s lake.

4:30 - 5:00 Arrive back to campus.