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The Chronological Bible Study: Prophets, Priests, & Kings

A safe place to gather to grow in God’s Word and in your faith as you read, study, discuss, share and discover God’s truth and purpose for your life. Whether you are a new believer or seasoned in the faith, you will be challenged to seek and discover how to live out God’s truths in our current culture. Not only will you discover Jesus in every book of the Bible, but He will reveal Himself to you and guide you on the journey of a lifetime.

This study utilizes the third book, Prophets, Priest, & Kings, in a four-part series of study guides focusing on "The Daily Bible in Chronological Order," commentary by F. LaGard Smith. This guide covers 28-week period of daily study, starting in Isaiah and continuing through to Malachi. The Chronological Bible referenced above is needed as the study guides were written to go along with this Bible. You can find it on Amazon or at a Christian store. You will need to pre-purchase your study guide on Amazon or directly from the publisher at www.LuLu.com (Prophets, Priests, & Kings, written by Dee Dee Talbot)

Time: Fridays 9:00 am -11:00 am

Dates: January 10 - May 15, 2020

Teacher: Mary Elmer

To sign up or inquire about more details, please email Mary Elmer at redeemed47@gmail.com.